April 25, 2017

Should I have a hair and makeup trial before my wedding?

Should I have a hair and makeup trial before my wedding?

This is one of the first questions I am asked by most brides and my answer is always YES!

This blog will discuss the importance of the trial, what to expect during the trial, when to schedule your trial, and even what to do after your hair and makeup trial.

Here is WHY you should always book a hair and makeup trial before your wedding:

This is your opportunity to meet your stylist who will be doing your hair and makeup for your wedding day. The trial will also give you a chance to see all your pinterest inspiration come to life. Just because you love a romantic updo style on someone else or a dramatic smokey eye you pinned does not mean you will love it on yourself.  You can even bring a few options you like which will allow you and your stylist to come together to create the perfect look for you. The stylist can suggest what will work best with your hair texture and skin type.  Your hair and makeup stylist will also discuss the difference between everyday makeup vs wedding day and photo ready makeup. We think it is best to look like a more glammed up version of yourself, not a completely different person. Remember, your groom wants to recognize you as you walk down the aisle!

Scottsdale Hair and Makeup Trial

What to BRING to your trial appointment:  

  • Your pinterest board or any photos of your hair and makeup inspirations

  • A picture of your normal makeup look.

  • Your veil and/or hair jewelry. Even if you are still deciding on these items, it will be helpful to see the pieces with your hairstyle.  Some salon’s will have veils or hair jewelry available for purchase if you are still looking for the perfect piece for your hairstyle.

  • Your halo or clip-in extensions if necessary.  Depending on the hairstyle and your hair, extensions may be helpful to achieve the look you want.  If you don’t already have the extensions, please ask your stylist before or during your trial appointment.

  • A picture of your wedding dress

  • A friend or family member may be helpful if you would like input with your style choice

What to EXPECT during your trial appointment:

A hair and makeup a trial will take about 2.5 hours. If you are booking separate stylists for your hair and makeup, try to book on the same day so you can see the full bridal look. A hair only trial will last about 60-90 minutes.  The makeup trial will be about 60-90 minutes as well.  You may change your mind about your desired style, and that’s okay!  Please be honest and let your stylist know if you want to try something different.  It is better for both you and your stylist to be on the same page and know your desires and expectations for your wedding day, that is what a trial appointment is for.

When to SCHEDULE your trial:

  • You should reserve your hair and makeup team 9-12 months before your wedding date.

  • We suggest doing the trial 1-3 months before the wedding. The trial can be done earlier if needed.

  • It can be helpful to schedule your dress fitting after your hair and makeup which will allow you the opportunity to see the whole bridal look!

  • Take advantage of looking great and plan a dinner with your fiance!  However, if you don’t want your fiance to see your hair and makeup, it is a perfect time for a girls night out!

  • Remember, hair and makeup artists generally work events on weekends. If possible, plan on scheduling your trial on a weekday 🙂

AFTER your hair and makeup trial appointment:

It is a good idea to take pictures after your trial. On your wedding day, you can show the photos to your stylist and create the same beautiful look. Hair and makeup trials provide a great opportunity to lay out all your expectations with your stylist and even receive some advice for your bridesmaid’s hair and makeup as well. Feel free to update your hairstylist if the curls held up, if your updo stayed in, and if your makeup was able to last all night.  We want to make sure you look gorgeous from the first look to the last dance!

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