Our highly talented team of stylists are brilliant at all things bridal beauty. However, they don’t just provide flawless hair and makeup on your wedding day, they also bring a fun, relaxed, and professional experience to wherever you are getting ready for your big day. Something Beautiful is a team of experts, experienced in balancing bridal looks that both wear well on camera and have you feeling your most beautiful.

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We don’t have tiers or packages based on ability. Our entire team is made up of seasoned industry professionals. This allows us to provide bridal services that are fully customized to your bridal style. We want to make sure you feel special, and your day feels memorable - all while ensuring you look fabulous!

Exceptional communication is the cornerstone of our bridal experience. It starts with an uncomplicated booking process. For us, communication is about more than getting on our calendar. Our beauty services aren’t solely about being seen, we also care about you being heard. We hear your vision and help bring it to life.

Our beauty team is made up of experts in the industry, but we are more than that, we are your beauty-BFFs, there to make sure your day is everything you dreamed it would be! 

Sometimes when I tell someone that I am a hair and makeup artist, I can feel them taking in my casual style and favorite hiking boots and I know just what they are thinking...but don’t let my laid back vibe fool you; I am a skilled makeup and hair artist. And that’s why I built the perfect team of artists for YOU. Together, we know how to capture you in your makeup - no matter how simple or how glam you want to be, you will always be what’s on show!

I’ve always been someone that was comfortable being both a tomboy and a girl with a huge makeup kit! From middle school promotion to high school homecoming and prom, I was doing all my friend’s hair and makeup. By the time graduation came around I knew my love of bringing out other women’s beauty was leading me to cosmetology school.

Since graduating in 2010, I have become an expert in the wedding industry, growing a team of talented stylists who are just as passionate as I am about helping others look and feel the most beautiful.

Owner of Something Beautiful Styles
Located in Austin, Texas

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It's always nerve wracking trying a new stylist. It's even more scary to have your hair done for your wedding and you have to find someone out of state using only reviews and pictures to make your decision! Well, lucky for me, the reviews for Something Beautiful Hair and Makeup were both honest and accurate! I couldn't have asked for a better team for my wedding hair.

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